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"Why Weight?" is a self-published book found only here at Garrison Body. As explained in our "Health" section, there are no health or diet books that are written for reasons other than to take your money - until "Why Weight?". There are many books that are written by those who claim to be a personal trainer, claim to be a physician with "new knowledge", and there are books from those who truly are personal trainers and physicians. But, of all the books out there only few are written with the intent to provide you exercises and diet information that is useful (and truthful).

"Why Weight?"

Why are you over your ideal weight?

Why train with weight?

Why wait to exercise?

Why wait to get healthy?

Thomas Garrison has been exercising since 1972. Having experienced many methods of training, and even serious body building for a few years (at the age of 45), in addition to becoming a certified personal trainer while working for Bally Total Fitness for several years, all of that information has been gathered for the book in order to provide the public a great source of scientifically validated applied exercise and diet information.

Raised in a family of pharmacists, one of whom achieved a PhD in Nutrition and Health (Robert H. Garrison, Jr.) and wrote the "Nutrition Desk Reference" book (found at your local book store, library or on the Internet), learning the negative effects that certain natural products can have for body-builders as well as diet information that the average physician does not learn, are all validations of the wealth of information from Garrison Body and "Why Weight?"

If you want to look great, feel great, know that your body is going to be in such wonderful condition to keep you healthy for many years to come, you want to train with Garrison Body and/or attain the "Why Weight?" book.

Where Is The Book?

Because "Garrison Body" is being updated to simplify everything, "Why Weight" will become part of "Garrison Body" in late 2018 rather than trying to publish a book.

We welcome your questions about the book, comments even before it's available, or concerns you may have. Simply use our contact form to send your inquiry.

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