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Secrets to Fat Loss (Weight Loss)

If you eat more Calories than you burn, you gain fat - no matter where the Calories come from.

No food will burn fat. The only way to burn fat is to do "anything" other than nothing (exercise).

Steps 1, 2 & 3:

There are 6 things you need to know before you can succeed with your goal(s).

  1. How many Calories do you burn daily?
  2. How many Calories do you eat daily?
  3. What is your maximum heart rate?
  4. What is your hear rate while exercising?
  5. What is your fat mass to lean mass ratio?
  6. Are nutrition requirements satisfied by what you eat?

Find the answers to steps 1 and 2 using our proprietary calculator. Then move on to step 3.

First you should understand you want to stop saying "weight loss" and start saying "fat loss". Why? Because you don't want to lose anything but fat!

The sooner you change what you are attempting to lose, the faster you will stick to your goal. Since you never want to lost muscle - for any reason - start calling it what it is - fat.

Step 1 - Calculate the Calories You Eat Daily

First, you need to know how many Calories you eat daily (on average). To do that you need measure your food for a few days each time you eat something. Is it 50 Calories per serving? 100 Calories, 1,000 Calories? Everything we eat has a label that tells you how many Calories are in each serving. So you measure the food in order to "know" how many Calories you consume. With that information you can then use the "Garrison Body Calorie Calculator", which is a proprietary calculator which accurately measures "both" your intake and expenditure of Calories and tells you if you are over or under your required Calories for the one day you are calculating.

Step 2 - Calculate the Calories You Burn Daily

The Garrison Body proprietary calculator will also provide the total Calories you burn daily.

Garrison Body Calorie Calculator

The Garrison Body "Calorie Calculator" is available to members only. What is provided (above) is simply an example image of the calculator.

In addition to a host of other membership inclusions, the Calorie Calculator is the single best tool for getting into or staying in great physical condition.

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For additional activity comparisons, use the following chart.

You must consult with your physician before beginning any exercise or changing your diet (current daily eating habits). Your doctor will tell you if you have any preexisting condition that may hinder or exclude you from following information found in Garrison Body. Never simply follow a diet or exercise that is new without first consulting your physician.

A nutrition guide should always be consulted whether you are changing your diet or simply trying to enhance your diet. The nutrition in your diet plays a very important role in keeping you healthy or attaining good health in the short term or long term. Proper nutrition helps you have energy, concentration and even assures you are sleeping well.

Step 3 - What is Your Maximum Heart Rate?

We're guessing you don't know. And we think you're asking, "Why should I know that?"

Your maximum heart rate is a calculation based upon your age. If you exceed your maximum heart rate you put yourself in danger.

If you know your maximum hear rate (MHR), then you can calculate to know the best activities that will burn the most fat. Fat is burned between 60% to 65% of your MHR.

We like to make things easy for you, so here's the "FREE" Maximum Heart Rate calculator.

After you have calculated you will see both 60% and 65% of your MHR. With that information you can exercise or perform whatever activity knowing whether you are burning fat for energy or not.

If you exceed 65% of your MHR you are no longer burning fat for energy. Instead you are using glucose and glycogen (basically, the "stuff" you need to build and retain muscle) from food you have recently eaten. If you don't have enough food from a recent meal and you are over that 65% MHR, then your body will begin "eating" your muscle.

If you eat a good diet and plenty of Calories, you won't have to worry about losing muscle. But if you are not sure about what to eat or how much, and you exceed 65% of your MHR, your body will consume your muscle in order to provide the energy you require.

You want to train your body to burn fat for energy - not muscle. Eat at least 2,000 Calories daily, keep your heart rate under your MHR and you'll burn only fat. Use the "Calorie Calculator" (above) to see if you are burning enough Calories daily in order to eat 2,000 Calories (or more). If not, consult with Garrison Body to understand how to adjust.

To find your maximum heart rate (MHR), it's simple. Subtract your age from 220. Then multiply by 60%...or just use the calculator above.

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Why do I need any of this information?

If you don't know how many Calories you burn daily you have no idea how much to eat in order to satisfy your body requirements.

If you don't know how many Calories you eat daily you will either be starving your body or over-eating - both are counter-productive to any exercise routine and your health.

If you don't know your heart rate you are simply wasting your time with whatever activity since you may be burning muscle. Again, counter-productive.

If you don't know how much fat you have compared to your lean mass there is no way to know if you are gaining / losing fat or muscle.

In short, if you know this information your results will be great! If you do not know this information, your results may be...terrible.

Do I really burn a lot of Calories?

You burn Calories every day - every hour - every minute. Whether you are sleeping or running, you are burning Calories. That's just how your body works. Even if you are sedentary you burn Calories 24 / 7. Do you just sit in a chair all day, every day, without moving? You're burning Calories.

If you eat more Calories than you burn, you gain fat. It takes 3,200 Calories more than what your body requires to gain 1 pound.

If you burn more too many Calories more than you eat, you gain fat. Your body will "store" food (add to or create new fat cells) if you do not eat enough. You have to "burn" 3,500 Calories over what you eat to burn 1 pound.

If the number of Calories you burn consistently exceeds (approximately) 2,000 Calories more than you eat daily, your body will resort to a "Catatonic" state - eating muscle in order to survive. This is why "fasting" more than 24 hours is exceptionally bad.

Keep your "deficit" (the difference between the number of Calories you burn compared to the number of Calories you eat) below 1,700 Calories per day.

Take a look at the "Activity Charts" (top of this page) to see just how many Calories a body can burn.

In order to be very accurate you need to use the Garrison Body Calorie Calculator.

How Do I know How Many Calories I Burn?

First, we suggest you use our proprietary "GB CalCalc". You may also use the "Activity Charts" above.

If you want more precise calculations on the number of Calories "you" burn, there is a formula, but that formula is "still" only an estimate. To be very precise you have to go to a lab and get hooked up with an oxygen mask, heart rate monitor and more.

Here's a quality formula:

MET = metabolic equivalent for task

1 MET = 1kcal (1,000 Calories) per Kilogram (2.2 pounds) of body weight, times the minutes of the activity.

150lb person calculation example:

150 ÷ 2.2 = 68.1818 kilograms (kg). Start with the number of MET's. Every activity has a MET number assigned.

Light activity is less than 3 MET's.

Moderate activity is between 3 and 6 MET's.

Vigorous activity is more than 6 MET's.

A person weighing 150 pounds, sitting quietly, burns 1 MET per hour.

Calories burned = 1 MET x 68.1818 kg x 1 hour = 68.1818 Calories

That means, a person weighing 150 pounds burns (approximately) 68 Calories per hour...sitting doing "nothing".

Not sure if you agree with Garrison Body? Would you trust Harvard Health? Harvard University will provide the same information. The Mayo Clinic will provide much of the information found in Garrison Body, although it's not as detailed nor easy to find.

"Any" valued source of health and nutrition will provide the same information found in Garrison Body. But, Garrison Body goes further to provide you information you can understand, use, and get results! We bring everything together for you including our exclusive "GB CalCalc" calculator.

One of the things that sets Garrison Body apart from all the others is our calculator. Our "GB CalCalc" tells you everything you need to know except your MHR. If you haven't already, try our FREE calculator. You won't find anything similar anywhere - not from diet books, programs, trainers, or tracking watches.

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Step 4

Now you are ready to calculate your "current" body fat. Use our FREE body fat calculator - Step 4 >