Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes are now a main feature in Garrison Body. Working with "" - a healthy, simple cooking channel, Garrison Body has combined everything into one Web site. Members can review recipes, watch videos of how to cook the recipes, and know the Calorie as well as fat count for each recipe.

Cook Healthy - Eat Healthy. You're doing all the work to get into great physical condition, so why not learn (or add) new recipes?

Does this mean you have to give up foods you enjoy? No! Healthy recipes videos are created to provide new ideas for simple cooking which are also very good for you.

And you can rest assured that if Garrison Body is going to cook something, it has to be healthy - "and" easy.

Not only will you find healthy recipes and cooking videos, but here at Garrison Body you are also going learn how to burn fat, exercise properly, change bad habits and a great deal more. No matter your goal, the information to get the best results are found here at Garrison Body. Every member will have access to:

  • Healthy recipes
  • Recipe videos
  • Our proprietary Calorie calculator - know how much you burn daily along with how much you eat daily
  • Exercise details
  • Explanations on how to burn fat at "any" age easily!
  • Member forum for all members to communicate, discuss health related issues, and so much more.
  • Discounts on all services
  • Free Meal Plan

Recipe List

Check this page weekly to see what recipes have been added. The "goal" is to add a new video recipe every week beginning June 5, 2020. Members will be able to log in and view the latest recipe video as well as all recipe videos and everything only members may access. Keep in mind that most of our videos are designed to provide a simple, nutritious meal. We'll start out very simple and, over time, build to more complex cooking. We'll even have baking videos. So if you are into baking your own bread, desserts, "even" Sourdough bread, then you need to Become a Member TODAY!

Be prepared to take notes. We don't go fast through the videos, but they are packed with information you'll want to remember. And if you want to view the video multiple times, as a member you have no limit.

All videos will be titled so that you'll know the content of the video in order to decide if it's one you want to watch.

As soon as the list (below) has a corresponding video, the text will become a link and take members directly to the video. If you aren't yet a member, become a member TODAY!

Follow are the upcoming videos:

  • Introduction
  • Bacon and Eggs
  • PB & J
  • Chicken Stroganoff

What would you like to see in a video?