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We want you to be well-informed, so we've provided links to sites we feel would give you a broad range of information. Please remember that no matter how you feel about any of the following Web sites or companies, each has information that may require further investigation. We have listed the links with no preference or importance to any - this is a random ordered list.

Contradicting Information

As you read books, news articles, listen to the television, or however you choose to receive health information, one thing you have to understand is that many of those professing to be "experts" are simply providing information based upon what they want the general public to understand. This is a nice way of saying that many books, articles, or other in the information dissemination process has specific reasons to disperse verbiage in the manner they chose. The main reason is to sell products or services. So, information is written or provided to the public in a way that will entice people to buy products, books, or services. In other words, often times when it comes to health information, you are hearing lies!

Additionally, many professionals and experts are neither when it comes to health and nutrition. When you find information from a doctor or some licensed professional, before you adhere to what they tell you, find out for "what" profession they are licensed, or what type of physician is providing health and nutrition information.

Often, reputable information resources allow professionals to speak out on subjects in which they are not trained. When the subject is health and nutrition, DO NOT listen to people unless they are "highly" trained and/or licensed in the subjects.

You will even read or hear information that refutes the information here at Garrison Body. However, read closely. Compare what others are "selling" and what Garrison Body is "offering". You have the choice to help yourself with our information, or, have us use the same information we teach in this Web site to develop plans that work. Compare our information with qualified experts such as "Harvard University"; Covert Bailey; Robert H. Garrison, Jr., M.A.R., PH. (without whom this Web site would have been impossible).

Why Weight?

ANOTHER book on diets?! NO!

Well, yes...but not like the others.

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