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Is Handwriting Analysis Widely Accepted?

In France, Spain, Holland and many other countries, handwriting analysis has been the "standard" in approximately 80% of businesses for candidates being considered for employment for more than 50 years.

In the U.S., consumers as well as businesses have used other tests that require the employment candidate to select answers they feel are most appropriate. The theory is that the answers have no "wrong" answers, but the candidate is "grouped" depending on how the candidate selects answers.

There is nothing stopping the candidate from selecting the answer they "think" the employer wants to hear. Therefore, the tests are ambiguous at best. Certainly not something truly qualifying the candidate.

If you have one or more test results from multiple answer questions for a candidate, or you have results from a verified professional who has been able to "determine" the characteristics of a candidate, which would you rather trust?


Handwriting analysis has been known by many names, but graphology is the more correct term for understanding character through handwriting. Only in the last 20 years has the U.S. business approach made steps towards graphology - albeit a slow approach.

The only reason graphology has not been the "standard" in the U.S. is due to people scoffing at the thought that a trained professional can determine character by studying the loops in letters "d" and "l" (L) or where the ending loop in the letters "g" and "j" appear in relationship to the "base-line". Even where the letter "t" is crossed and if the cross in the "t" looks like a dagger provides a great deal of information about the writer.

Graphology is quite literally science. It's not some random determinations. Quite literally, using graphology is the best scientific character analysis and can be used for your own personal information, or, for a business hiring process. Only the books that are written by untrained personnel (of which there are a "LOT") are inaccurate.

What Sort of Traits Are Revealed?

There are hundreds of character traits revealed in an "in-depth" analysis. An analysis by a professional can go as deep as to find if a person is using drugs, has mental conditions, is someone who puts their work first or their personal life. An analysis can provide such detail into a person that everybody should have their handwriting analyzed to better understand themselves.

In fact, graphology can show you whether you are self-confident, and if not, "how" to increase your self-confidence through writing! There are many traits that you can change through changing the way you form your letters.

How is Graphology Part of Health and Fitness?

Simple. The more you know about yourself both physically and mentally, the healthier you can become. You are seeking information or "training" from Garrison Body to get your physical body in better condition. Go beyond the physical condition and include "training" for your mental health.

Are you ready to look honestly as yourself? Let Garrison Body analyze your handwriting so you can be healthy in body and mind. Get your handwriting analyzed today!