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Am I Healthy?

Well Are You?

Health is more than simply being alive. Your health is directly related to your quality of life. What's your blood pressure? What's your resting heart rate? How long after exerting yourself does it take for your heart rate to return to a resting rate? What's your Cholesterol level? Those are just a few questions that need to be addressed in order to know if you are healthy. So if you don't know those things, find out!

Regardless of your age, you would be healthy if it were easy to bend down and tie your shoes, for instance, or standing up from most any chair or sofa without assistance of some sort and not get dizzy.

You could consider yourself healthy if breathing were easy, walking a couple of miles was not an effort, and most importantly, your stomach doesn't bulge and your sides don't hang over your belt. You could consider yourself healthy if you are in at least the "good" range of this chart...

Body Fat Chart.

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