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What 'Is' a Diet?

Diet, very simply, is the food we eat daily. A Diet is not something you 'do' once or twice a year. A diet is how you eat every day. Your diet needs to be how you eat daily 12 months of the year. A diet that works best for you is something that Garrison Body will help you design. A healthy diet is one that provides the right amount of protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit your body needs daily.

Why Not Diet?

A healthy diet all year long instead of some random eating plan for a short period of time will allow you to lose a little fat rather than a lot of muscle. That "random" eating plan from one of those books or well-advertised, expensive businesses will force your body to eat your muscle - the main part of your body you want to protect at all cost.

To "diet" once in a while is simply saying that you are attempting to lose fat. There are very few other reasons to "diet" instead of creating a healthy diet daily for yourself in order to get the results you want, the physical condition you desire, and assure your body is happy and in good health.

"Going on a diet" is not going to provide the results you want. You want to eat well every day so that your body will respond quickly when you want to lose a little fat, as well as to become or remain healthy - no colds or flu several times a year is something you can expect from better health.

There is no random eating plan - "diet" - in the world that works for what you truly expect a "healthy diet" to do for you, which is to lose fat and only fat.

How do you tell fat from muscle? That "skin" to which you refer that is hanging after your "random eating plan" is not "skin" but the fat you wanted to lose in the first place. Have a reliable person perform a body fat analysis for you using skin calipers. The only more accurate method is going to the hospital and paying for a dunk-tank body fat analysis. All other methods can be as much as 15% over or below your actual body fat percentage.

Why Lose Fat and Not Weight?

If you do not know whether you are losing fat or lean mass you need to stop whatever you are doing to lose weight.

Your body doesn't simply get rid of fat just because you want to lose fat during your attempt to drop weight. Your body is always trying to survive. If you don't know how to burn fat and not muscle in your attempt to lose weight, chances are you are going to lose 90% lean mass (muscle) in your process.

Before you begin your weight loss regiment you need to have your body fat tested. That way you know what you are losing when you see a reduction in girth or on the scale. "Usually", people lose muscle and very little fat because they listen to all the old "wives tales", books that are attempting to sell you something, or simply someone you know who seems to know everything.

You can perform self-test just with your thumb and index finger. You are simply showing yourself your fat (fat mass) vs. muscle (lean mass) and not performing any calculations.

Using your thumb and index finger you going to lightly pinch an area. Raise one of your arms and, using your thumb and index finger of the opposite arm, pinch (with very slight pressure) under your arm starting close to the top - as high as you can get.

Sliding your thumb and index finger down your arm you will feel the solid area. When you come to fat, you will feel that there is nothing solid behind the area. If you find, after sliding past the solid area, that you have to slide a long way to reach the bottom of your skin, all of that area that is not solid is fat.


Who Cares if it's Fat or Lean I'm Losing?

Dropping weight using some random diet plan - or combined random plan and exercise - without knowing if you are burning more lean mass (muscle) than fat mass (fat) will result with the opposite effect you wanted. You will end up with less "weight", more fat, weaker and less healthy because you destroyed a lot of your muscle. In the end, you are less healthy than when you started.

Let's look at the images (above). Contrary to popular belief, the two subjects in the images are "both" fat! Of course it's obvious the subject on the left carries more fat than the subject on the right. But until you can look at both subjects and realize they are both fat, you are going to have a difficult time dealing with your own fat.

The left subject is "obviously" fat. I don't think anybody would argue that. As you can see from the white line outline, more than 50% of the arm is fat. And no, that is not simply skin hanging below the arm.

But why is the subject on the right considered fat?

Because as you can see from the outline, the subject as at least 30% of the arm outlined as fat. You must agree that the outlined area is fat, and that area consumes approximately 1/3 of the arm. Therefore, we can conclude that 30% of the arm is fat.

If you then consult the "Body Fat Chart", you can surmise the age and find the percentage considered to be over optimal body fat.

If we all agree that the subject is under 50 years of age, consulting the "Body Fat Chart" reveals that any female under 50 with a body fat of 30% or more is considered "fair" at best. And "fair" is only slightly lower than "obese". The subject in the image on the right is not obese, but not better than "fair".

Remember. It's not the circumference of a body or body parts that determines if a person is fat or lean. It's the "body composition" that determines whether a person is fat or lean. If a body composition concludes there is higher than 28% body fat for those under 50 years old (male or female), that's someone who needs to lose fat - period. This is why the "BMI" (Body Mass Index) is NOT an accurate method of measuring body fat and composition. BMI does not take into consideration if someone has done considerable work to increase lean mass (muscle). Most who have done a great deal of working out to increase their muscle, as well as body builders, would be considered "fat" according to the BMI tests.


Burn fat not muscle. You'll lose the scale weight (which tells you absolutely nothing about your body composition), size and you'll be healthier.

How Do I Burn Only Fat?

That is the easiest question to answer - maintain a heart rate of 65% or less during any activity you perform in an effort to lose fat. To find 65% of your heart rate, calculate from the number 220 by subtracting your age. Once you have that number, which is your Maximum Heart Rate (MHR), multiply by 65% and you'll know your best heart rate at which to burn fat. Or, simply use our handy calculator below. The resulting number is how many beats per minute — indicated as B.P.M.

Calculate Your Maximum Heart Rate

220 (minus) - your age , then click
Maximum Heart Rate (MHR) Beats Per Minute
65% of MHR = B.P.M. (or less) burns fat best for me.

60 - 65% of your maximum heart rate is your 'best' fat burning heart rate.

Can Someone Help Me?

Another easy question and "yes" is the easy answer. A Personal Trainer from Garrison Body can develop a diet and exercise program for you based upon your age, goals, and health. A personal trainer is someone who has trained and certified in exercise techniques.

Each personal trainer will have their own 'views' on what program will work best for you. At Garrison Body we provide more than a personal trainer who is with you while you exercise. We provide everything but a body to hold your hand while you work out. What we feature is a more scientific, proven methodology. Our training programs are written specifically for each individual based upon their capabilities.

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Why Weight?

ANOTHER book on diets?! NO!

Well, yes...but not like the others.

Read more

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