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What 'Is' a Diet?

Diet, very simply, is the food we eat daily. A Diet is not something you 'do' once or twice a year. A diet is how you eat every day. Your diet needs to be how you eat daily 12 months of the year. A diet that works best for you is something that Garrison Body will help you design. A healthy diet is one that provides the right amount of protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables and fruit your body needs daily.

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Can You Write Me a Diet Plan?

Yes. But before we do, consult with your physician to know for certain that you have no preexisting conditions that could be compromised by following a healthy eating plan. You may have restrictions, or special food allergies about which we are not aware. We want you healthy. Our diet plan will be one that considers you and your body needs. Help us help you by knowing you have no special needs.

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What to Eat?

That's fairly simple. Eat whatever you long as it does NOT contain:

  • saturated fat
  • hydrogenated fat
  • partially-hydrogenated fat
  • processed sugar
  • chemical preservatives
  • dye

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Why Weight?

ANOTHER book on diets?! NO!

Well, yes...but not like the others.

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