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Calorie Expenditure

We've outlined most of the more common daily tasks and exercises so at a glance you can see how many Calories your body consumes. You'll be surprised to find that simply sitting, reading and even sleeping consumes more Calories than you would expect. Please use the above link to launch a new window. The new window contains the Calorie expenditure chart and is based upon weight. As you review the chart, look for your body weight (or one that is close to yours) and follow down the list to reveal the Calories expended.

 Calorie Expenditure Chart

Calorie Expenditure Calculator

In order to know how much you should eat daily you first need to know how many calories you are burning, or, your Calorie expenditure.

As you have read in our "Nutrition" section, you must consume enough Calories daily that your body will either stop storing (making fat) or assure you do not force your body to begin storing. Since we already have discussed how the body stores fat when you eat too little (or too much), your next step is to calculate how many Calories you expend or "burn" daily and compare that with how many calories you eat daily.

To use the calculator:

  1. Enter your current weight and select either "Pounds" or "Kilograms"
  2. Select the activity from the list
  3. Enter the amount of time (either "Minutes" or "Hours") you spent in one activity. You may use fractions of an hour, such as 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, etc.
  4. Click on the "Calculate" button
Body Weight

Using the above calculator, calculate the number of Calories you burn during your "average" 24 hour daily routine. For each activity you calculate, enter the name of the activity, time and calories burned into the appropriate fields to the right. Then, calculate your 24 hours of activity to find out if you ate enough Calories, or too little. With this information you will know whether your diet is healthy or must be altered.

Sleeping, sitting quietly, standing, lying, and sitting office work are all included in the list of activities. Please make sure to include these in your daily routine if, in fact, they are part of your daily routine.

Begin the calculations with the number of Calories you ate for the day you are going to outline. If you are unsure of the Calories you ate for the day, choose a day where you will track the Calories you eat, then return to this page to perform your calculations.

Counting Calories

Use the "Expenditure" calculator (above) to find the number of Calories you expend (burn) during the activities you perform daily. Include the time you sleep as one of the activities in the list (below). It's important that you account for every hour of a typical 24-hour day.

Once you have an activity calculated, log that activity, the number of hours and the amount of Calories burned in the appropriate fields below. As you enter the time, the total number of hours will accumulate a total at the bottom of the activities. Make sure you include enough activities for a 24 hour total.

Enter the number of Calories burned per activity. When you have finished, click on the "Calculate" button.

Using the calculator above, fill in the information below. Any field may be left blank. ONLY enter numbers. You may enter .5 for 30 minutes, or .15 for 25 minutes. DO NOT enter any text.
1) How many calories did you eat today?
2) Type your activity here 3) Time 4) Calories
Calories needed
How much was I under or over today? Result
  • A minus sign ("-") before the "Result" indicates you did not eat enough calories that day. The "Result" is how many calories you needed in addition to what you consumed.
  • A "0" for your "Result" means you ate 750 calories less than you burned for the day - a PERFECT fat burning day!.
  • A "Result" with nothing in front means you ate more calories than you needed for the day. If the "Result" is greater than 750, you must lower your caloric intake - eat less.
  • The calculator "Result" already includes the allowed 750 calorie deficit.

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