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Body Analysis

Body Fat vs. Lean Mass

As long as there has been the concern for health there has been controversy over dimensions of a healthy body, body composition, and what is considered fat. In order that you have the facts correct, and regardless of whether you wish to refute the facts, here they are.

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Activity Expenditure Chart

In order for you to know the number of Calories you burn in your exercises (and many daily activities), we've provided a chart that outlines many activities. If you don't find your specific activity in the chart, you'll be able to use one "similar" listed below.

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Body Fat

A body fat percentage chart is a great tool for more than just an indication of your health and nutrition status. However, a body fat chart won't tell you how to measure yourself in order to use the chart. Knowing your body fat percentage is the single most important bit of information you need in order to attain the best physical condition for your age. Armed with your true body fat percentage you will know how to exercise properly in order to succeed in your goals - whatever they may be to you.

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Calorie Expenditure

We've outlined most of the more common daily tasks and exercises so at a glance you can see how many Calories your body consumes. You'll be surprised to find that simply sitting, reading and even sleeping consumes more Calories than you would expect. Please use the above link to launch a new window. The new window contains the Calorie expenditure chart and is based upon weight. As you review the chart, look for your body weight (or one that is close to yours) and follow down the list to reveal the Calories expended.

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Why Weight?

ANOTHER book on diets?! NO!

Well, yes...but not like the others.

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